Precast Manholes

C W & Sons installed ten 7' x 28' (I.D.) Manholes in Southwest D.C. These Manholes support four underground transmission feeders to support the new Waterfront Substation.

C W & Sons installed nine 7' x 21' (I.D.) Manholes between Allentown Rd. & Palmer Rd. in Prince Georges County in a cooperative transmission project for PEPCO and SMECO.

In Addition C W & Sons will be responsible for the installation of Thirty-Two 7' x 21' (I.D.) Manholes for PEPCO's Takoma to Sligo Project 2. 


Cast in Place Manholes

Cast in place manhole located in Southeast Washington D.C. measured 12' x 24' (I.D.)

Dry Utilities

Eight Way 8" duct bank accompanied by two 6" ducts and two 4" ducts located in West Ocean City which will allow for a more stable and updated power supply to Ocean City. With a water table located 3'  below the surface and an average trench depth of 8' required massive de-watering efforts.

Wet Utilities 

C.W. & Sons responds to many emergency sewer repairs as well as installation of sanitary manholes. C.W. can support any excavation required for maintenance, emergency repair, or installation of water lines.

Box Tunnels

Box tunnels are built with four inch thick lumber and require advanced OSHA safety requirements.